Integrity In Technology


Our roots in the audio visual industry go back to the 1980’s where we apprenticed alongside industry professionals. Over the years we have collected a wealth of experience, learning the ins and outs of the industry. Along the way, we’ve listened to feedback from our customers on the experiences they’ve had, and learned about general practices in the AV industry.

From the responses of our customers, we believe it is a duty to do right by them. The quest for bringing high levels of professionalism and personal integrity to businesses and homemakers is not just important to us, but even more so for our clients.

It is not our aim to make a name for ourselves (well, maybe a little bit), or to make tons of money (we do alright). Our aim, is to look after our clients and deliver the best results for the best value, not leaving them hanging.

Integrity In Technology

Integrity: A personal decision, uncompromising, predictable.  In every project, with every client, we are committed to honouring those values and principles which define a quality outcome.

Technology: Many technologies are defined by the words “audio visual”, and your project will likely need a number of diverse technologies, working together as a whole to complete your project.

Integrity In Service

There’s nothing quite as bad as coming to the end of a project and finding out that the outcome does not meet your expectations.

At Mozaix, having Integrity in Technology means that while the designs we create for you may include leading-edge technologies, we ensure that your project will remain trouble free by using only tried and trusted technologies.

Integrity In Relationships

We offer a highly collaborative approach to project management, where partnership between the various stakeholders can ensure an enjoyable outcome for all.

We begin every project by taking the time to understand your requirements. There is no benefit to you if the end result of what we install does not deliver the functionality you set out to achieve.

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