As both a School and Community Performing Arts facility, EPAC needs to satisfy a diverse range of users, with a diverse range of requirements and a diverse range of skills.

Mozaix developed a clear understanding of those objectives and worked collaboratively with the School to implement a very flexible audio visual solution. The quality of the result is a system that is now talked about in our community by hirers and members alike.

Emerald Secondary College

Jeffrey J. Edwards

Emerald Performing Arts Centre (EPAC), Emerald Secondary College

We began the journey of rebuilding and we wanted to do everything well.

Now that we’ve completed the whole process, I’ve gotta say we chose the right company. Mozaix has been brilliant for us.

I can highly recommend Mozaix to any church that wants to fit out AV, high-end, low-end, whatever. These guys know what they’re doing.


Malcolm MacLeod

Senior Pastor, South West Christian Church

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