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Horsham Church Of Christ


Horsham Church of Christ engaged Mozaix to play a part in the design of their brand new $4.5 million facility.


Client Name
Horsham Church Of Christ
Horsham, Victoria

The Challenge

Success in audio-visual integration is best achieved when you are involved in the early stages of planning a new space.

Such was the case at Horsham Church of Christ’s brand new $4.5 million facility, where Mozaix was privileged to play a part in the design and integration of their AV systems.

Our Solution

“It’s hugely important to be involved early and to have a relationship with the architect” says Paul Tucker, Director of Mozaix. “Once you’re on the architectural plans you can design a ‘best-case scenario’ AV system rather than being constantly compromised.”

Horsham Church of Christ’s leadership began discussions with Mozaix eight years ago, where from then on have developed a strong reputation for genuinely understanding the challenges and the demands of a modern church AV fit-out.

“Churches struggle to explain themselves well. Invariably they’ll point to [megachurch] Hillsong as their reference point. Of course, very few churches have a Hillsong budget and, if you ask the right questions, you’ll discover that the level of production isn’t appropriate and doesn’t dovetail with the needs of the community they’re reaching” says Paul.

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