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Service and Maintenance

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At Mozaix we have extensive experience in the AV industry. We pride ourselves in knowing what is the best fit for our clients, including when something doesn’t go to plan or you just want piece of mind that your AV system will work as intended.
Our professional AV technicians can attend your office/venue to restore all types of AV equipment and systems, including the following services.
  • Projector servicing and repairs, including globes and filters
  • Sound system servicing and repair
  • Tuning and optimisation of sound systems
  • Boardroom audio visual maintenance and servicing
  • Conference equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Screen repair and servicing
  • Preventative AV system maintenance as a once off service, or on an on-going basis. (Please refer to our Preventative Maintenance and Service agreements below)

Preventative Maintenance and Service agreements

This program gives you piece of mind that your system is being inspected and checked regularly, and you’ve got the support when you need it without needing to go through the financial approval process to have a service technician on-site solving

Please contact us to discuss with us how a maintenance agreement can be tailed for you organisation.

Why is professional preventive maintenance important?

  • Avoid having important equipment failing at the most inopportune time
  • Have confidence that every problem is solved by a professional
  • Reduce down time and complaints from users about equipment not working properly
  • Ensure your AV equipment is all running at its best and as intended
  • Extend the life of your AV equipment