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AV Technology should be built to serve the people in the space.

Many audio-visual installations boast high-end technology and the latest gadgets to a point where the technology dictates how the space operates, instead of focusing on the people who use it and the message they are trying to communicate.
At Mozaix we believe our duty is to find a balance between technology and people. We aim to find pathways for our clients to communicate clearer through well chosen and integrated audio visual systems.
We’re determined to look at every space based on function, message and budget and to build seamless audio-visual systems that last. The Mozaix team is committed to keeping our clients thoroughly informed and ensuring their needs are fully addressed so those who use our systems are 100% satisfied.

1. Request a Quote & Site Inspection

A listening ear to set the foundation of your project’s success. Custom solutions combined with cutting-edge technology to find the perfect fit for your budget and needs.

2. Design, Install, Commission

Proven installation processes by a well-trained, tight-knit team eliminate project management hassles. All compliances, public liability and OH&S are covered.

3. Get the most out of your venue!

Comprehensive project handover, including documentation and training followed up by routine maintenance of your systems & equipment to ensure optimum performance.

from paul tucker

Managing Director

“Mozaix is all about PEOPLE”
Many venues and meeting spaces use AV technology that are not customised to deliver the most effective communication. Mozaix’s purpose is to create AV systems that put people’s needs first with technologies that are suitable and necessary. When your space has the AV setup that’s just right for its purpose, you get better on-stage performance, more clearly delivered messages, and people who feel great about their event experience with you.

case studies

  • Arts Centre

  • Emerald Secondary College

  • Equip Church International

  • CityLife Church

  • Australian Catholic University Media

    Our Clients


    Jeffrey J. Edwards

    Emerald Performing Arts Centre (EPAC)
    "Mozaix worked collaboratively with the school to implement a flexible audio visual solution."

    Malcolm MacLeod

    Senior Pastor, Equip Church
    "I highly recomend Mozaix to any church, no matter what size. These guys know what they're doing!"

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