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Oaktree Anglican Church


Oaktree Anglican engaged Mozaix to overhaul their audio-visual system so that they were able to seamlessly move into the twenty-first century and share their message with more people than ever before. Oaktree Anglican is home to exquisite architecture and charm, but the Church knew that they needed to pivot into the digital and streaming world to reach their community. Working alongside Oaktree Anglican, Mozaix developed an audio-visual system that far exceeded expectations.


Client Name
Oak Tree Anglican
Caulfield North

The Challenge

Oaktree Anglican was hit hard during imposed restrictions last year, which saw them unable to gather as a community for many months. The Church knew that in order to reach their community and the world, they needed to shift their focus to the digital and streaming world for their message to be heard.

Our Solution

An audio-visual system was built to fit Oaktree Anglican’s strategy, allowing ministry staff to focus on people and connecting with them relationally. The system was set up to last and a brief was presented before installation began that best suited Oaktree Anglican’s needs. The Church now has professionals who speak into their audio-visual vision and provide the answers they’re looking for, taking the burden off ministry staff.