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Seamlessly Livestream Your

Church Experience

Harness the gift of modern audio-visual technology as a growth strategy for your ministry

Livestream Solutions Customised
to Your Church Settings

Simple Hands-On Training For Any
Volunteer to Stream the Service

Leverage The Internet to
Expand Your Reach

Livestreaming is now an inseparable part of the church experience.

As church leaders, you shouldn’t have to navigate broadcast glitches. You want to focus on spreading the word and keeping people connected.

With the instability around public gatherings, livestreaming has become the best way for your congregation to stay engaged with your weekly meetings.
But it’s easy for your volunteers to become overwhelmed by computer glitches, missing sound, frozen screens and lost passwords. Not having the right audio-visual set-up can halt the growth of your online ministry and overwhelm your team.
It doesn’t have to be like this.

Seamlessly livestream with Mozaix’s audio-visual integration services:

Tailor-made Solutions

Helping you get the results you want for the budget you have

Hands On Training

So your team can confidently present your engaging weekly message

Ongoing Support

To make sure everything is running smoothly 3-6 months down the line

1. Request a Quote & Site Inspection

A listening ear to set the foundation of your project’s success. Custom solutions combined with cutting-edge technology to find the perfect fit for your budget and needs.

2. Design,
Install, Show Time!

Proven installation processes by a well-trained, tight-knit team eliminate project management hassles. All compliances, public liability and OH&S are covered.

3. Spread your message, every time

Your ministry’s reach is limitless when you leverage the power of the Internet, and using it to livestream a broadcast.

The way we communicate is changing.

Are you keeping up?

Since livestreaming became an essential trend in 2020, many churches are held back by temporary solutions that presented to be a distraction to their congregation.
At Mozaix, we are here to help you harness the gift of technology to not only serve your local audience well, but provide a realiable platform to broadcast your ministry available to the whole world.
As a Christian-run company, we get it. Technology shouldn’t be under-utilised, it is a timely tool to make an impact.
Let us help you create a digital platform to reach more people and have more impact!


Peter Leigh

Executive Minister, CityLife Church
“Transparency throughout the whole process was a really big factor both in the way that the design came together and being realistic.”

Mark Juers

Vicar, Oaktree Anglican Church
“This is really going to help the church thrive into the future. It means that I can focus on people, connecting relationally, and focus on my prayer life, not so much on technology.”

The Christian faith calls churches to preach the WORD to the ends of the earth.

Thankfully, the ends of the earth is now at our fingertips.

This is your opportunity to harness the internet for greater impact. Make Livestreaming your church meetings simple with Mozaix.