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Continue Communicating Your Message Despite Coronavirus

We’re certainly living in interesting times at the moment.

Sadly, many of our loyal and valued clients have been affected by the devastating economic effects of the coronavirus. With that being said, we too have felt the pinch.

While the future may seem bleak in this unprecedented and volatile time, can we encourage you by saying this: Don’t give up.

While our business, on a primitive level, revolves around technology and audio-visual solutions, the core foundation of our business is around assisting our clients to create and enhance community through communication – whether you’re a church, educational institution, organisation or business.

Don’t give up communicating your message, and certainly don’t give up on fostering community.

Over the past week, we have been inundated with questions revolving around technical infrastructure when it comes to video and audio – both streaming and in two-way communications.

In this video, we provide a number of tips on how to deliver this effectively, as well as some technology that will assist you in doing this well.

Schedule a call with us today if we can assist you in any way during this time.